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Here are a number of workshops we are currently offering.

Title Description  Audience Hours
Length Notes
Becoming the Change We Want Mahatma Gandhi said, "We must become the change we want to see." The participants in this workshop will explore and be encouraged to become the change that they wish to see in the world. General 1.5 12 Alternate formats available.
Creative Thinking Creative thinking, thinking outside the box and critical thinking are needed if we are to solve the world's mounting problems. New visions will not come from old ways of thinking. This workshop will explore thought processes and methods and inspire new thinking paradigms. General 1.5 5 weeks Alternate formats available.
Creative Writing,  A Portal to Understanding Creative writing can be a powerful method for gaining insight into what makes us tick and where we want to go next in life. Several simple methods will be used to cultivate a personal style of creative writing that is unique to each of us. General 1.5 12 weeks Alternate formats available.
Creativity Workshop (Ages 10 - 12) A creativity workshop for pre-teens. This workshop will deal with creative thinking and to keep thinking creatively in an increasingly conformist world. Pre-Teens 1 12 weeks Alternate formats available.
Developing Second Nature This workshop will help participants learn how to change "nurture" into "second nature" through the cultivation of habits and aspirations. General 1 7 weeks Alternate formats available.
Diaspora: Solutions to Cultural Conflicts Many ethnic and religious groups have been forced to leave their homes. Modern transportation has enabled them to travel and settle in other countries. These groups often have trouble integrating into their new communities, creating unique social and educational problems. The workshop will explore two-way solutions to these problems. Teachers, policy makers 2 4 weeks Alternate formats available.
Family Dynamics Modern-day families are tested through rapidly evolving technology and changing norms. This workshop will explore the effects of love, tough love, limits, anger, animosity and forgiveness. General 3 5 weeks Alternate formats available.
Fluidity in Writing This course consists of a number of exercises to remove fears that often inhibit college students. It consists of a number of short exercises and positive feedback from the instructor and the group. The course contains creative, structural and polishing tips. The course does not deal with spelling or grammar and is not a substitute for traditional English courses. Enrolled students 1 normal term length
Gathering The Threads of Our Lives Through Stories This weekend retreat will help you accept and harmonize the rich threads in your life. Through the process of this retreat you will discover your own previously unknown stories and begin to utilize them for healing and personal growth. General 16 2 days (normally over 1 weekend) Alternate formats available.
Getting Stuff Done Most of us feel we do not have enough time to get "everything" done. Yet in business when we want something done we often turn to the person who already does more than his or her share. This workshop will offer a few simple methods and an opportunity to discover how you can get more done. General + Business 1 12 weeks Alternate formats available.
Interfaith Thinking Why is it that religion, with its high aspirations, has become such a source of division in the world? This workshop will explore the commonalities of religion and attitudes and changes necessary for interfaith thinking. Some field trips will be required. Adults or children with guardian 1 6 weeks + field trips
Is Happiness Catching? This workshop will explore how much of our happiness is controlled by the friends we choose, the families we were born into and those we work with. It will also explore strategies for remaining joyful in spite of our surroundings. General 1 8 weeks Alternate formats available.
Learning Independence We all live in the midst of communities. Our families, our cultures and our societies mold and shape us in ways that we are often unaware of. This workshop is a reality check on who we are, what we have become and what we wish to become. Suitable for ages 11 to 111. General 1 12 weeks Alternate formats available.
Learning to Purr Cats purr when they are contented. Can we learn similar strategies to express our joy? Can expressing our joy have a regenerative effect on our lives? General 1.5 4 weeks Alternate formats available.
Life Capstone Project Every person is unique. Every elderly person has a life full of wisdom to share, but most have no vehicle to share it through. This workshop will provide practical methods to encapsulate and wrap your life experience into a tangible product such as a book, web page or video. General 1.5 15 weeks Alternate formats available.
Our Blue Marble On December 7, 1972 the most famous image of our earth was taken. This image, commonly referred to as the "blue marble" has changed the way we view our planet. This workshop will explore the impact of this image and a rapidly developing, universal world view. General 1.5 12 weeks Alternate formats available.
Refraction and Vectors in Literature and in Life Synchronicity and synergy (as life principles) become apparent when we look deeply into our lives. In this workshop we will explore how "randomly" selected short stories will highlight such patterns and how these patterns parallel the events in our lives. The workshop will create a higher awareness of the forces in our lives. General 10 1 weekend Alternate formats available.
Religions, Values and Peak Experiences
Religions, Values and Peak Experiences is one of Abraham Maslow's lesser known works and yet perhaps, his most important. The book examines the commonality among the world's religions and philosophies, debunks the concept of God as a Santa Clause human and examines the importance of peak experiences in our lives. The seminar examines the book and the implications for us all.



8 weeks

Alternate formats available.
Rites of Intensification Some abstain from eating, some run a marathon and others climb mountains.  These rites of intensification help individuals solidify who they are by our creating and rising up to challenges. Such events can be utilized as a spring-board for growth. This course will use stories and life experience to explore rites of intensification and how they can benefit each of us. CE 1 12 weeks
Stimulating Art Through Stories Art comes from sources we don't always understand. Fresh stimulation can inspire artists to think new thoughts and create new works of art. Short stories are a good way to stimulate fresh thinking. This workshop will provide stimulus and an appreciative audience for existing, budding or new artist / musician of every type. Artists, poets, musicians, art teachers 1.5 12 weeks Alternate formats available.
Story Enhanced Counseling Stories have been introduced successfully into counseling techniques to help unearth repressed events and feelings and to help facilitate patient therapist dialogue. This course will explore stories and their benefit in counseling and other social work. Therapists, Social Workers 2 8 weeks Alternate formats available.
Story Enhanced Education Education at all levels can be enhanced through the introduction of short stories. This workshop will explore the benefits of using short stories in curricula and examine the "Delta Stories" standard. It will include development of lesson plans and teaching practice. Teachers, policy makers 2 8 weeks Alternate formats available.
Teaching Advanced ESL / EFL Through Stories After ESL / EFL students have mastered a certain level of vocabulary, practice is needed. Since it is often difficult to reproduce real world experiences in a classroom, working with stories is an effective way to increase reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. this workshop will examine the use of questions and the importance of creating a nurturing learning environment. ESL / EFL Teachers 1.5 12 weeks Alternate formats available.
The T.O.E Theory of Education We have stopped dividing students into those with "smart" and "weak" minds. We now understand people have "multiple intelligences." The T.O.E. theory takes this a step further and presents a view of learning based on tendencies, opportunities and encounters. The workshop will explore the theory and test it against our own learning and teaching experiences. Teachers, policy makers 2 6 weeks Alternate formats available.
Also available in a summary two hour presentation.
Transformational Leadership Transformational leadership creates positive change in members of a community. This workshop will explore how hearts and minds are changed through transformational leadership in the community. It will also consider the qualities and strategies necessary to become a transformational leader. General 1.5 hrs. 12 weeks Alternate formats available.
Turning Points and Transformations A workshop to explore and learn from the pivotal moments in our lives. General 1.5 10 weeks Alternate formats available.
Web Based Learning Systems There are hundreds of internet based learning systems. This workshop will examine many of the currently available e-learning systems and their relative strengths and weaknesses. We will analyze the flexibility, aesthetic impact, instructor and student friendliness and costs of various systems. We will also learn to develop an e-learning "needs assessment." Teachers, policy makers 2 8 weeks Alternate formats available.

For private workshops individualized pricing available (based on what you can afford). Please ask in advance.

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