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Here are a few details that do not fit in with the other menu items:

Support For Your Organization

Gentle Place Publishing would like to donate to your non-profit organization if it has similar aims and objectives as our own.  We are not able to make cash donations, but we can offer generous discounts if you wish to sell our products and if your organization has similar aims to ours. If this is of interest, please send us an email and with a short description of your organization, an estimate of the quantity and types of products you propose purchasing and we will respond as soon as possible. Depending on the factors involved, we may also be able to send someone to do verbal presentations of the stories. If you are interested include this request in your email. Request a Non-profit Discount

Linking to Our Site

We appreciate links from other sites.  Please feel free to place a link on your site to ours, as long as your site does not contain pornographic material, hate speech, or advocate violence.


The beautiful photograph on the cover of Still Reflections: Stories of the Heart and the photograph on the cover of Ocean Dreams both have been used with permission of the photographer, Axel Mertens of Canberra, Australia.  He has more beautiful artwork on his web page at AxOz Photography. We highly recommend  you visit his web site and support his beautiful art.

Privacy Policy

Any information submitted to Gentle Place Publishing in the course of the normal activities of this site and our business in general will be protected and treated according to the laws governing at any given time.  Unless specifically authorized we will not share any information collected nor will we use it for purposes other than the obvious use for which it was submitted.

Returns Policy

Any goods supplied directly from this site, which are materially defective, will be replaced free of charge if returned in the condition they were received within 30 days of purchase.  A returned goods authorization is required and will freely be given for any such defective goods.  Contact Customer Service

Submission of Manuscripts

Unfortunately we are not seeking manuscripts or drafts for publication.  If you send unsolicited materials we will not be able to either read or return them.


On page 233 of  In the Glow of Understanding the name "Henry" is used three times. This is an error and should be "Eddie." 

The forth sentance in the last paragraph of page 281 of  In the Glow of Understanding, should read,"Strong thoughts and feelings passed over me like the waves slapping gently on the nearby beach."

We apologize to our readers.


Unless agreed otherwise, all shipping is done through the USPS and at the most affordable rates. Shipping and handling charges represent our average costs. For large or urgent orders, please contact us for a special quote. Normally, goods are shipped within one business day. In rare cases it may take three business days to process your order.
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