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Still Reflections: Stories of the Heart, Ocean Dreams, Ancient Breeze and During Thy Days.
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Western Institute for Social Research (W.I.S.R.)  Faculty (and a visiting student from east Africa) in front of the WISR facility in Berkeley, California.
(Photo, left to right: John Bilorusky, Cynthia Lawrence, Mohammed Ibrahim (Phd. student) and Nazreen Kadir)
About the newsletter: "We appreciate your sending the newsletter.  We are very touched and impressed with the work you are both doing. Your newsletter, and your web sites, are very informative and engaging, and look great.  The photos add a lot!"
Theresa Primont
Theresa Primont, Jamestown, California

About Ancient Breeze

"When I listen to this music, I'm taken on a journey through my mind, my heart and my soul.  It allows one to be open to Spirit - to the Creator who brought us here.  Especially the song, Heartbeat.  I can listen to it and become lost in its mystery and beauty.  Truly a loving and magical experience not to be missed."
Miriam Gottschalk, Los Angeles Public Library
Miriam Gottschalk, Los Angeles Public Library, member of the Community Storytellers in Los Angeles

Mr. Fletcher weaves stories that warm the heart and uplift the soul.  Using threads of diverse origins and cultures, he has produced a rich tapestry of universal appeal, subtly revealing life's truths.  Some of the stories are magical, some mysterious, some miraculous; all demonstrate the interrelatedness and the essential unity of the human condition.  Most importantly, these fresh tales offer hope and a renewed faith in the nobility of man.
Dr. William Maxwell
Dr. William Maxwell, University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona

Mr. Fletcher's collection of stories parallels Aesops, that is, they hold the attention of children (and adults) and have embedded in them powerful moral messages, something our immoral world desperately needs.  Mr. Fletcher's stories are also like polished gems, where every word is correctly chosen for the right intellectual and emotional effect.  His is a literary work of love.
Larry Coonradt
Larry Coonradt, Los Pinos High School, Saddleback College

I have known Steven Fletcher for several years.  I love his stories.  I have used them in the college classes that are taught here at Los Pinos as stories of inspiration, introspection and reflection, and for classroom discussion.  Los Pinos High School is a school for incarcerated youth.  The students come from very difficult backgrounds, and many are very hardened by their life's experiences.  Steven's stories were very well received by the students of Los Pinos.  Many times over the past several years Steven has come and been a guest reader of his stories.  The students were especially impressed because it is seldom that a student is read to by the author of such wonderful stories.  Steven always starts off by playing his flute to quiet the environment and to get the focus of the group.  The students truly enjoyed the flute music and often asks to hear more of it. Steven also was so gracious and humble to allow the students to critique his writing.  He would ask them their opinion of the story.  What they liked about it, and what they did not like about it.  Often Steven would listen to the critiques and then express his appreciation for what the students had to say.  The students really respected Steven for being so trustworthy
and for taking such a risk.

Steven also volunteered to come to Los Pinos and conduct writing workshops. He would choose a story to read and then have students write their own story  using his story as an inspiration and guiding light.  The stories that they students wrote were truly awesome, moving, and touching.  I really believe that it was Steven's inspirational writing that directly affected and motivated the young men of Los Pinos to write their own beautiful stories.

Steven Fletcher is an outstanding educator and I am so very grateful to have made his acquaintance.  He has been such a wonderful addition to our program and I look forward to many more years of having him be a part of us.

Terri Loquercio.gif Terri Loquercio, Singapore

Hi Steven, - need more stories.  I am leaving for Australia on Monday and it would be lovely if I could have some of your stories to read during the trip.  Thanks so much for these - they are truly a gift.
Janey Frazier
Janey Frazier, Walnut Creek, California

Reading your stories is like visiting a gentler place. It was especially interesting to read them at work on my lunch hour. I didn't realize how high the tension level was (like a hum in the air) until I focused on your stories and felt the volume "turn down" around me...

None of the stories have anything jarring in them (like just about everything else today does: video games--TV shows--magazines). The stories are active, but the activity takes place largely in the mind and hearts of the players--other physical happenings are placed to provide the context and it seems that you have gone out of your way to make sure the stories flow gently upon the reader.

Arajeje and Keri Woods
B. AraJeJe Woods, Ph.D., Saddleback College and Kari Woods,  Marco Forster Middle School
Heart Sight Therapy

Steven has written a book that speaks to "every person". My wife and I are both educators and we found that the stories in Still Reflections carry a definitive life message that can be grasped by all students. My wife teaches at the middle school level and I teach at the college level.  What we've found is that the stories in Still Reflections appeal to adults and children. They all get the gist of the story and yet they each relate to it in a different way. Steven has created a book of stories that can be read over and over and you will find something new each time. Everyone will enjoy this book because it has so much to say.  As educators my wife and I both feel that this is the kind of book that belongs in every educator’s library.  And keep one at home for your personal use.

Thia Neitzke, Mental Health Counselor (retired)

I have been using Steve Fletcher's stories (from "Still Reflections:....) for over a year .  I find them to be a very useful
for reading to both Seniors and Youth.  Seniors in Assisted Living facilities and Youth in detention facilities  have a wide range of capabilities and impairments.  Steve's stories are detailed enough to stimulate memories, complicated enough to challenge many levels of thought, yet simple enough to appeal on a basic story level.  They are general enough ... so that the reader can imagine themselves in any role or location.  In addition, the stories have inspirational messages without being preachy or too obvious.  They are moving and funny and unusual.  Both the elderly and young people enjoy them.  Combined with music they provide an uplifting and thought-provoking program.  And they are short, so they can be used in many circumstances and do not tax the brain to remember too much -- they are, in fact, unique....and, no doubt, can be used in countless ways to teach, inspire, entertain and just enjoy.

Patty Yent
Patty Yent, Mental Health Counselor, Oceanside, California

I have shared some of these moving stories in a group setting with my clients and each one had a profound effect on the listener...

Mu Qing, Shanghai, China / San Diego, California Haobby International

As a parent, I felt a strong desire to share them with my six year old daughter when I first read these stories.

Mona El-kurd
Mona El-Kurd, LCSW, Hospice Supervisor

Each story that Steven writes has the potential to be very personal.  His stories are moving and will challenge you to look at your own reality and to search for a newer experience that is more meaningful.

Peter Dunseith, Mbabane, Swaziland

The things we are trying to grasp-they are reflections in a river. What is to happen has already happened. Watch the river flow by, enjoy the pretty reflections. Still Reflections: Stories of the Heart.

Shirin Monadjem, Manzini, Swaziland

I am now reading the Still Reflections and find it very interesting, inspiring, thought provoking and more.

Ray Havert, Laguna Hills, California

Yesterday I finished reading your book Still Reflections: Stories of the Heart. Frankly I loved it.  Take a bow.

Linda King Pruitt

Linda King Pruitt, Story Teller, Educator, Capistrano Beach, California

Thank you for your lovely book - I'm enjoying one story a day - and as the title suggests, quietly reflecting and letting the story sink into my heart ...

Glen Horton, Founder of Artists helping Artists

Just this morning I finally had a moment to pop in your CD Ocean Dreams.  What an incredible treat of inspiration and vision it is!  Marathon was remarkable, tremendous... but each piece is a gem.

Your work shines with sensitivity, even humor and a very deep sense of soul, excitement and beauty.

Ecenith, Courtenay, BC, Canada

I would love to talk about the CD which my Mom gave me when I was at her house.[Refers to Ocean Dreams]  She saw that it had such an impact on me when I listened to it. I got the most relaxation and relief from the anxiety I usually suffer from than from anything else I have tried so far. I have listened to it now 3 times and each time I have new experiences with it.

(Refering to Ocean Dreams)

Sean, Vancouver Island

Just wanted to thank you for the many gifts you shared with me and for inspiring me with your kind and gentle manner and beautiful stories.  I am sure your stories will have awakened many a still heart through reflection and inspiration.

Lawrence Whalen Jr., Face2Face Games

, "... it is tremendous. I enjoy it almost every night."

(Refering to Ocean Dreams)

Suzanne Locke, Malawi

 "I absolutely love the CD and play it all the time. it keeps me centered and out of the world of vain imaginings and earthly complaints. "

(Refering to During Thy Days)
Susan Perrow Susan Perrow, author, storyteller, teacher and mentor. Healing Through Stories, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

I have just listened to the sample stories on your web site. Your articulate and flowing voice combined with the harp music was very soothing and “healing.” I thought to myself, what a lovely gift at the end of a busy day. I also commend you on not trying to sound dramatic—this leaves the story free to do its work simply through its content. Some storytellers who have been trained in drama find it difficult to tell a story so simply! Each story had excellent beginnings and endings - your choice of starting sentence (s) with each one really pulled me into a listening mood. You used the dreams quite well to carry your messages.

Parvin Kazem, Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia

I continue to enjoy listening to your first CD and reading the stories from "Still Reflections". Your stories are filled with the message of joy, hope, inner peace, wisdom, hardships, and certainly love and unity
Nima and Sandra
Sandra Grant Behji, British Columbia

As a mom of two young children, I have only had time to listen to the CD once, but it touched my heart and generated positive energy.  I passed the CD along to a friend as well.  This friend and I had talked of forgiveness in the past and one story in particular evoked that virtue in a powerful way.

Mary-Beth Glazier
Mary-Beth Glazier, Grand Rapids, MI

I just finished the last story on the CD.  Thank you for sharing that with me.  There is a very gentle touch interwoven in them.  I am certain that is no coincidence.  Each is beautiful, and the collection even better.

(Refers to the CD Whispering Waves)
Karen Wood, Sonora, CA 

Steven Fletcher [is] an excellent writer and amazing storyteller. Steven can transform a room with his stories. I am the mother off four children and a very active parent at the Sierra Waldorf School. Over the past twelve years I have chaired the Board, Parent Association, Finance Committee and Tuition Adjustment Committee as well as taken the lead on many of the major events at our school. I have had the pleasure of hearing Steven’s stories in my home and within the community.

For the past two years Steven has been the storyteller for our Angel Quest event at our Winter Festival. Steven created a story that was told to the children prior to going into the nursery yard to find a ceramic angel that had been made by the upper grades children. His stories have mesmerized the children and beautifully set the stage for a quest to find an angel.

Steven also offered a story night at our down town store that drew in a huge crowd and was quite successful. He is a gentle man with a very sincere and caring presence. He has been a gift to our community.
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