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Preview the beginning and ending of stories from Ocean Dreams (Internet Quality)

  African Daises (10:02) 
   The Cedar Flute (7:98) 
   Dream Focus (9:25) 
  Glowing Embers (10:40) 
     Gold Fever (13:45) 
   The Marathon (13:12) 
  Morse Code (13:92) 

Most of the following stories have not been published in audio form.

Jacaranda Carpets
MP3 File - 2.25 MB (Voice Only) (5 minutes)

The Swallows
MP3 File - 3.4 MB (With Marcia Brannon playing the Harp) (8 minutes)

Lucky Charm
MP3 File - 2.1 MB

Morse Code
MP3 File - 2 MB

The Fog Tree
MP3 File - 2.2 MB

Pacific Sunset
MP3 File - 1 MB

Music, Prayer & Meditation

Listen to portions of the tracks from Ancient Breeze (Internet Quality)

1. Riding on a Dream (6:35)
2. Ascent (8:55)
3. Cry for Understanding (5:23)
4. Half Dome (5:38)
5. Visitation (3:43)
6. Tears for Hendrix (5:03)
7. Swallows in the Canyon of the Ancients (3:54)
8. Meeting Gray Wolf (6:49)
9. Heartbeat (6:07)

Listen to portions of the tracks from During Thy Days (Internet Quality)

Prelude (4:49) 
Tablet of Ahmad (Ver. 1) (12:25)
A Meditation (11:36) 
 Tablet of Ahmad (Read) (8:48)
Tablet of Ahmad (Ver. 2) (11:41)
Postlude (4:13)

Here is a complete sample of the music from the Prelude. 
Prelude MP3 File - 2.3 MB (Instrumental: guitar, flute, voice) (4 minutes)

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