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Irma Nyby
Still Reflections: Stories of the Heart...

One of the first people to help with this project was Mrs. Irma Nyby. 

Irma was born in 1920 in Pipestone, Minnesota.  In the process of her long and fruitful life she has raised four children and traveled to many places in the world.

At the age of 40, when most of us are looking towards retirement, she returned to college for an additional two years, working on her masters degree in education.  She taught English, ESL, and became a reading specialist, teaching in several states.

She retired from formal teaching in 1978 but continued to voluteer in schools until 1986.

In 2002, at the age of 82 Irma volunteered to help edit the stories that are found in Still Reflections and In the Glow of Understanding.  She suggested the title for the second volume of stories.

Though legally blind, Irma read and edited all 157 of the original stories.  With great effort this wonderful, happy soul read and made suggestions to each of the stories.

We will always be grateful for her assistance and encouragement when we needed it most.
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