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We walk on many paths in this life and we encounter many people and situations which present opportunities for growth. The stories and music at Gentle Place Publishing offer more occasions for such growth.  Whether you call the path you are on a path of discovery, a path to recovery, a pathway to faith, a mystical path, a path to God, the beauty way or simply the path of life, you should enjoy the stories and the music you find here.

Explore our website, read the testimonials, listen to the stories, consider taking something home with you and come back again soon. You are welcome here.

The stories you will find here have entertained, touched hearts, and changed lives.  But what ages and cultural groups are these stories for? They are for women and men of good will in every culture and climate on the planet. The content is suitable for all ages, though young children may require assistance in order to understand some of the concepts.

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